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Xtreme Performance Profiling with XDebug and XHProf

Configuration, Set-Up & Performance

Xtreme Performance Profiling with XDebug and XHProf

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



performance | xhprof | xdebug | pterodactyls

Drupal contains many layers of abstraction. If you're tasked with making a Drupal application perform well, it can be daunting trying to locate all of the possible bottlenecks. Query loggers and print statements are great, but sometimes we need something better, faster and stronger.

That's where function level profilers come in. XDebug and XHProf are PHP extensions that help you generate function level profiles of your application. Function level profiles show you which functions are being called, how many times they are being called, and how long they are taking to execute. Armed with that information you can go directly to the source of performance problems and destroy that silly code with awesome code.

In this session I will show you from start to finish how to profile a Drupal application, all the way from installing and configuring XDebug and XHProf to finding and eliminating performance bottlenecks in an actual application. All without any slides of cats saying silly things.


Resources:  XDebug XHProf