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Development Seed

3 July 2010

We build tools to help teams communicate. Development Seed is a unique mix of a strategic consultancy and an open source product development company. We specialize in implementing technology projects for large international development organizations and leading open source research and development initiatives.

On the consulting side, we partner closely with organizations to help them push the limits with their use of technology. We work with communications experts, economists, public health practitioners, crisis response experts, and product managers at organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations, USAID, Human Rights Watch, the New America Foundation, and the National Democratic Institute to solve tough communications challenges. This work has brought us to countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, and Haiti to improve access to data and the impact of technology on the ground.

On the product side, our team leads the development of Open Atrium, an online team collaboration product and platform, Managing News, a news and data aggregator and visualization tool, and MapBox, a suite of open source tools that create beautiful custom maps in the cloud. All of these products are fully open source and freely downloadable.

We’ve been building with Drupal for more than seven years and in that time have led the development of many key modules that have impacted the wider project, including Features, Context, Spaces, Aegir, Kit, Data, i18n, Boxes, Strongarm, Mail Handler, the Notifications and Messaging frameworks, and the SMS Framework. We first chose to build our tools primarily with Drupal because it is powerful, it is stable, and it has a great community supporting it. We are very involved in that community. In addition to our code contributions, we sponsor and advocate for Drupal meetups and camps worldwide and organized DrupalCon DC in March 2009.

The combination of our diverse product development experience and our bleeding edge work deploying custom open source tools is made possible by our incredible team, which includes some of the brightest and hardest working developers in the world. Come talk to us at DrupalCon, and if you're interested in joining our team we're hiring.