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22 July 2010

Version2 is the biggest community-based media for IT professionals in Denmark and official media
partner of Drupalcon Copenhagen.

Since 2006 Version2 has combined the best of both critical journalism and professional bloggers
giving their inside view on everyday life as CIO, developer or IT consultant. This is reflected in
strong participation - the community weekly contributes up to 1.000 highly qualified comments.
And they are not afraid to speak code.

Among Version2's most popular bloggers is Poul-Henning Kamp who authored Varnish and on
Drupalcon Copenhagen will explain what difference this will make in keeping your website quick
and responsive. On Version2 Poul-Henning Kamp is known to stir quite a controversy every now
and then - this year blogging in details about his lawsuit against Lenovo to get a refund for the
Windows license he paid for together with his laptop.

But Version2 is more than news and blogs about using information technology. You will also find
jobs, whitepapers and more than 100 specialized communities ranging from agile development and
Ubuntu to - of course - Drupal.

During Drupalcon Copenhagen Version2 will be reporting from the conference and show a live
Twitter feed on the front page of itself is based on open source software and in 2010 the site is scheduled to be
relaunched on Drupal 7. More on that will be announced during Drupalcon Copenhagen.

If you are an IT professional looking for news and insight there are several ways to follow Version2
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- Follow blogs and news via RSS - and http://
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