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Couchsurfing... just a thought

2 June 2010 new to this but have friends who are very happy success using this...

This is ideal for me as i am staying on in copenhagen after the conference to see some sites.. (i have already had a very postive response from a lovely lady offering me a few nights, and suggesting another for the remanding time!)

"CouchSurfing is not a "free" bed, it is an exchange, - it is about the experience of meeting and spending time with similar minded people. "What can you bring and what can the host offer in the time you share". You should be looking for a host to stay with and not just a couch to use. "



7. June 2010 - 17:09 literally changed my life :)
Couch Surfing is more than a service, it's a real revolution in the way we travel.

let's say..

  • you don't start your trip alone
  • you don't pay for a hotel
  • you make new friends everywhere in the world

+ you can get hints on where to go and what to do