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First volunteer

7 June 2010

hey geeks

Let me set an example here. We have a lot of fellow geeks who would like to come to copenhagen to help us make this the event of the year.

Since anyone else aint doing it, then i gotta be the first to offer my couch to a fellow drupalgeek during drupalcon.

If u can stand that i smoke and have a big, but friendly, dog, then my humble couch is available to the one with the budget of doom.

Since i am a diehard capitalist then i ofc cant do this for free. So to live up to my own belief my couch is rentable for a whole beer a day.

I live about 15-20 mins from the venue and about 10-15 mins from central Copenhagen.

Ofc i hope many of my fellow danish geeks will follow my example and give something back to the community which we all love. So dont be shy to offer your couch to some stranger. Like the danish politician, Pia Kjærsgaard said; a foreigner is a friend you havent meet yet ;)

Straight out of Copenhagen

Still room?

19. July 2010 - 14:04

Does your offer still stands?


11. August 2010 - 5:07

yes it still stands, sorry for the late reply.



11. August 2010 - 23:44

I'll send you an email with my details

Can you contact me

20. August 2010 - 12:41

Can you contact me ...