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10 May 2010

I would propose to use this wonderful event in 'Climate Capital' Copenhagen to show how an international event can be organized in a more sustainable way. Let's make all major session available via live & on-demand video streaming. So that the people who cannot afford to come (time or money) can still attend the event remotely. And to avoid hundreds of unnecessary international flights (flying is sooo bad for the climate). And maybe also to prevent Iceland's volcanoes to spoil the fun.

And it also enables the people who have payed to attend to watch the sessions they've not been able to attend.

And let's take the webcasting serious. Not a good willing volunteer with a shaky consumer camera in the audience with an internal microphone, that makes trying to follow the speaker a drama. But with a multi camera setup, with direct audio from the sound systems, and live insertion of the projected images, operated by people who know what they're doing.

It's a lot of work and a lot of equipment, but I bet there are companies out there who are willing to sponsor this.

I would be happy to be involved in this somehow.


I have got the same idea when

11. May 2010 - 7:12

I have got the same idea when I was not able to attend the Drupalcon SF. This idea is Uber Cool! It would be great if implemented.

It 's a good idea. I'm from

17. May 2010 - 3:07

It 's a good idea. I'm from the other side of the Earth, Hong Kong. I'm not likely to attend any drupalcon hosted on US, Europe area either.

Moscone center + Brightcove got it right

21. May 2010 - 19:33

As one of the unlucky volcano victims during DrupalCon SF, I can say it was great being able to see the few broadcasted sessions they managed to get up on such short notice. I believe it was Brightcove who arranged that. In addition, all sessions were recorded in decent quality and uploaded quickly. What they did was record the image projected from the presenter's laptop along with audio from the mic. That was a much better experience than a camera somewhere back in the room (not to discredit those who have bravely volunteered to do this!). Something along those lines would be great to have in CPH!

If the conference is

27. May 2010 - 14:31

If the conference is broadcast live, then people will be less inclined to attend. As a major income generator for the Drupal Association, I would suggest this is not such a good idea unless paid for. I liked the approach of FOWD - pay 95$ and you get the streams - this would pay for the streaming and mean there was still a "buy in" from the participant.

While I completely understand the difficulties for some people to attend, it should be promoted that people invest where possible, as viewing the streams has only 10% of the impact on your business and the community that attending the conference has.

increased participation + you really want to be there ;)

28. May 2010 - 13:06

I think it's good to increase participation and involvement in Drupalcon as much as possible. Video streams, irc linkups, video conferencing BoFs, GPL'd videos online. What ever helps the community the most - that is the core point of the Drupal Association and the conference. Admittedly live stuff is hard to do, but would be great.

Plus if you can get there, I can assure you it's just a million times better than watching it, people will come ;)

Agreed - great initial post (but ...)

22. July 2010 - 19:42

I too agree on points re: increased participation, and income. And yes, a reasonable fee (to stream and/or have on-demand access) would be needed to generate sufficient fund-raising, plus enable higher (video) production quality.

As one of the many who cannot travel to DrupalCon 2010 in person, I'd sign up for (pre-pay up to $150 US even) to live stream, and have on-demand access of (all of) the sessions :)

Otherwise, thx to all involved in Drupal and in organizing DrupalCon 2010 - sounds like a great event for a great project!



23. July 2010 - 10:53


I am also interested in accesing live streams or on-demand videos from DrupalCon.

That should be considered as part of conference

29. July 2010 - 9:24

Now when Drupalcon SF is gone I think that all major conferences should make Live Streams and on-demand videos available. This really grows the community surpassing all borders. Talking about fee, this should be considered if that's needed. I'm sure there will be plenty of drupal people who will be willing to pay for this service.


Does anyone know if live

26. August 2010 - 15:34

Does anyone know if live streams or on-demand videos have been made available yet? I cannot find anything on this site or on the video site where all the videos from DrupalCon SF were posted: