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pre drupalcon event: brewww saturday

21 August 2010

If youre in copenhagen today come by the brewww event today
Brewww is the first combination of lightning talk & beer tasting.

We have the official release of the AWESOMESAUCE (sorry but its that awesome) and the local typo3 heroes have stepped up the game and are bringing an IPA that you only can taste at this event.

The venue is the same that were gonna have the CHX coders lounge in, So just drop by were closing around 22.00 ish.

its 10$ or 50dkr to cover our expenses for the room & some of the brewwww.
But the awesomesauce will be sold for production price :)

Vesterbrogade 24B

Its walking distance from the central square, so you can attend the Pride Festival & show your geekpride ;)