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Site Problems

22 April 2010

I am trying to register and get the reduced price. I am logged in, but on the registration page I get:

"Please, login to start registration. You need to login to start the registration process. If you don't have a user account already then signup for one."

The contact form is also broken. It requires a topic, but there are no items in the drop down.


7. May 2010 - 1:51


Registration form hangs

20. August 2010 - 8:17



11. August 2010 - 15:49

Website Design and Layout completely broken in IE7.

Add session to own schedule

19. August 2010 - 15:38

Am I the only person who doesn't see an "add to schedule" link next to items on this page: ?

I also don't see the link, and would like to!

20. August 2010 - 16:25

The site is cool, and I really hope I can "create my own schedule". :)

The reason

21. August 2010 - 11:58

I can see on your user profile that no ticket order is related to it, and therefore don't you have attendee permissions. I made a search for your last name in all the orders, and can see that you have bought your ticket using another user profile (t_melcher), see

If you login with the t_melcher should you have access to creating your own schedule.