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Tom Melcher //
d.o: tmelcher

Tom is an Internet executive with blue-chip business experience and a deep background in China dating back to 1982. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and Yale University, has worked at McKinsey and IBM, and was a principal executive at five high-profile and successful Silicon Valley internet start-ups over 12 years:CNET,, NetObjects, 24 Hours in Cyberspace and daVinci Time & Space. He moved back to China in 2004, and then co-founded a B2C internet media company, which he sold successfully two years later.

Since many of his good friends in China asked him to help their children apply to US schools, he wrote a book, called “Guide to Choosing American Colleges”, which is now the best-selling book of its kind in China. He has been profiled by many Chinese media, including China Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, Sina, Sohu and QQ.

He is now the Chairman of Zinch China, an online social media company that helps students find schools and scholarships. He is a popular speaker at major education events in China and the US, including important industry conferences such as OACAC and NACAC. His recent research about China was profiled in detail by The Journal of Higher Education in the United States, which is the most prestigious magazine related to American higher education.

He is also the company's VP Global Products and Partnerships, responsible for all aspects of product design, development and deployment, as well as the company's business development efforts.

He lives in Beijing with his wife and two teenaged daughters.

Tom Melcher