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Transferring a ticket

5 July 2010

I'll be replacing a colleague, meaning I will join DrupalCon Copenhagen instead of him.

Is there a clean way for him to transfer his ticket to me, and especially to link his ticket to my Drupal user instead of his? We couldn't figure out a way by looking at the website.

Subject for "Support"?

5. July 2010 - 2:26

Hi there,

I guess that this are the things they best answer if you click on the magenta tab over at the left side of this page.

Hope they can sort it out for you.


Works, but slow processing

10. July 2010 - 10:23

Thanks, I followed your suggestion and opened a support request. Within minutes they explained the procedure (which includes payment of a 20 EUR "ticket transfer" fee) and my colleague and me did everything needed to transfer the ticket.

Beware, though, that despite the dedicated fee the actual transfer seems to take time. More than 5 days passed since then and we are still waiting for the organizers to actually transfer the ticket. So, if you start a transfer now, don't take for granted you will be able to vote on sessions.

Well then why dont you vote

10. July 2010 - 13:50

Well then why dont you vote for the sessions that you college wanna vote for ? - its not like were going through every users vote and demands that they answer for em ;)
Then the problem is solved.

Right now people are away on summer vacation. Those of us who are not gonna go on vacation this year (cause of the DrupalCon) are using 95% of our time to getting the Sessions & Program into order ooh an fixing locations, drupalgangers , swag, helping with hotels etc.

Hope for understanding of the way were prioritizing our worktasks, we know it can be frustrating that a "simple task" like this isnt fixed right away.
But to be dead honest we are using our time right now for other issues that are crusial to fix.

Not complaining, just warning others

11. July 2010 - 10:08

I was merely telling other people that transferring the ticket took more time than I (and they, likely) would expect: this information was nowhere to be found in the website and is probably relevant for others too, since most would likely expect it to happen within hours after paying the extra transfer fee. By they way, my ticket transfer has now been completed.

Good the transfer were

11. July 2010 - 19:38

Good the transfer were completed in time for you colleague to vote for the sessions.

To expect all request to be fixed within hours, is to expect that we have 24-7 manpower. I would love if we had the budget for that but the work with a DrupalCon is done by unpaid volunteers. Please respect that our support offcourse cant guarantee that a ticket can be solved within hours,and at special times like in weekends.

The Goal have been all the way to have first respons within 24 hours after a ticket is posted. When the task is closed again all depends on what needs to get done (and by whom)

Thanx for the heads up about the expectations for our support for the Drupalcon. I didn't realize that we needed to put that info into the FAQ, but we will now, so others wont be disappointed by transferring and/or respond times.