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What kind of room

22 April 2010

You've nice recommendations for hotels. The prices may looks fine but some hotels have more than one category. For example the Cab Inn Metro. If we order our rooms over this side, would we order a Economy, Standard, Commodore or a Captains room?

Thanks for the Information.

Cheers, Frank

Well, it’s only a matter of

23. April 2010 - 21:15

Well, it’s only a matter of space and comforts. The Cab Inn web site is horrible, but you can see the different classes on the rooms page.

Bottom line, the economy class is fine for crashing, but rather small. I’ve slept at Cab Inn Metro once, and that was on Economy, and I had fairly good sleep, so if you want to save a bit of money, it’s a good way to do so :)

I think...

25. April 2010 - 11:41

...the question was, among the classes of rooms, what class of room is included in the "DIS Congress Service offers hotel accommodation at specially reduced Conference prices."

Your offer matches the Standard Room... but is you offer the Commodore at reduced rate?

Economy Room
1p - € 66/DKK 485
2p - € 84/DKK 615
Economy rooms have 2 beds (seperat bed and a bunk bed).

Standard Room
1p - € 74/DKK 545
2p - € 92/DKK 675
3p - € 110/DKK 805
Standard rooms have 3 beds (seperat bed, extension bed and a bunk bed) and the room is a bit bigger than Economy rooms.

Commodore Room
1p - € 88/DKK 645
2p - € 106/DKK 775
Commodore rooms are bigger than Standard rooms and have 2 ordinary beds.

Captains Class
1p - € 102/DKK 745
2p - € 120/DKK 875
Captains Class rooms are bigger than Commodore rooms and have 2 ordinary beds.

Breakfast is not included, DKK 60 (€ 8) extra per person.