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10 Tips for E-commerce on Drupal

E-commerce on Drupal. It's all we do.
Configuration, Set-Up & Performance

10 Tips for E-commerce on Drupal

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Ubercart | E-Commerce | Commerce Guys

Drupal is a powerful e-commerce platform, and it's not just because of its e-commerce specific modules. Drupal's core systems, contributed modules, and best practices provide you with the stability, flexibility, and power you need to build a highly functional e-commerce website. The biggest barrier to entry is simply knowing the pieces to put in place and the "gotchas" to look for as you build your site. This session aims to help you cross that barrier and start selling today.

This session will be a modified presentation of the article by the same name I recently published on Commerce Guys' website. In this session I'll provide tips for the following items using an example site built to demonstrate the modules and configurations I recommend:

  • Know your tools.
  • Don't hack your modules.

  • Secure checkout and login pages with the Secure Pages module.
  • Mind your WYSIWYGs.
  • Show your products off in style with a customized theme.
  • Minimize "noise" on the checkout pages.

  • Use Views to build custom product catalog and upsell pages.
  • Keep your customers in the loop.
  • Engage your customers with product reviews and ratings.
  • Help your customers spread the word!

This session will be perfect for users looking to start building e-commerce sites on Drupal. The tips cover solutions to common support and feature requests from my time on the Ubercart forums and interacting with clients as a Commerce Guy. Intermediate users should also appreciate the exposure to a broad range of e-commerce related contributed modules and tips for improving conversion rates by improving the customer experience.

Download the article, "10 Tips for E-commerce on Drupal" (PDF).


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