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Aloha Editor - the HTML5 Editor - An outstanding new Editor User Experience

This would Aloha Editor be integrated into drupal.
Theming, Design & Usability

Aloha Editor - the HTML5 Editor - An outstanding new Editor User Experience

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



=Aloha Editor. The HTML5 Editor.=
World’s most advanced Editor is designed to give the user a complete new experience when editing a website, wiki, blog or any other content. I can be 3x faster than existing technologies and offers offers unprecedented opportunities.

===Many tried WYSIWYG and did not achieve. We succeeded.===
You can edit the website content as you see it. You do not need to save or preview to see how your text will look like on the final website. You can see the real changes the right moment you type. You do not need to log into a backend to edit any text. You edit on the actual frontend website. You neither do have to load a rich text editor. Just edit right ahead. You still do have all capabilities advanced rich text editors offers.

===The floating menu. A clean lightweight context menu.===
The worlds first floating menu gives you the right options for the right context. The menu floats to the paragraph, table or content element you are editing. So you have alway a short way to the menu. Aloha Editor is designed to show not more than 15 icons at the same time. This offers you a clear overview about the possible options. You see only those icons which are useful to you because of your selection or position with the cursor. Still you may have other available options 1 mouse click away.

===Editing and formatting text without Markup===
Editing any content Aloha Editor gives you the same experience modern office suites offer you. No need to learn any HTML, Wiki or other markup. The option dialogs have been designed for users not for techies. Writing content has never been that easy. You can see the formatting result in the buttons of the floating menu so you know in advance what will happen if you use a formatting. It has never been easier to edit tables. You can jump through the cells with the tab button. Hit tab in the last cell adds another row.

===WYSIWYG for dynamic content.===
Aloha Editor allows you to edit content you would never have thought you can. You can edit content directly in content accordions, content sliders, ticker or caption and description of images in slideshows. It is the worlds first Editor that allows you to edit dynamic content live and in place.

====HTML5 available - now.===
Aloha Editor makes HTML5 possible - now. All major browsers support contenteditable. This is the heart of Aloha Editor and makes it to worlds most advanced Editor. With Aloha Editor you are one step closer to the exiting new world that comes with HTML5.

===No reload. No popup. No need to preview.===
Aloha Editor is loaded when you load your website. If you want to start editing you do not need to reload the website with an old style rich text editor. Loading common rich text editors need to reload the website or come with a popup. Both actions are boring and take some time to process. Time you better invest in editing. When you finished editing you want to see the result and need to preview. This needs more time. More boring. With Aloha Editor you work in the final result so you do not need to load any thing or preview anything. You see what you get doing it.

Aloha Editor will be released under opensource license on 7/15.



Hi, I'm Roy, chair for the

5. July 2010 - 2:32

Hi, I'm Roy, chair for the design track. Thanks for your proposal. Looking at your session and checking your links, I basically read an overheated feature list for a supposedly GPL licensed WYSIWYG editor for which no code has been released yet.

Since during voting you won't be able to edit this proposal, could you please follow up with a comment here explaining why this is not an advertisement for vapour-ware but an actual, interesting open source project? Even better: show some code. Thank you.

2nd that ^^

6. July 2010 - 11:32

2nd that ^^

Just saw a live demo of this

7. July 2010 - 14:22

Just saw a live demo of this editor at the web engineering conference in Vienna and it looks really promising. I also got an introduction to the underlying javascript API calls and a very sound explanation why traditional WYSIWYG editors suck. So I'm totally +1 for this session and I can definitely say that this project is not vapor-ware.

I'm sure there will be an additional comment with a link to the source code, as soon as it gets published.

Just saw that too at the

23. August 2010 - 13:51

Just saw that too at the unconference...impressive!

Hi Roy, thanks for the

5. July 2010 - 10:14

Hi Roy, thanks for the feedback. I know that the code is not available yet. We are working hard on making it public available. It is not an advertisement for vapour-ware! We will release in the mid of July as open source with GPLv3.
We are part of the open source cms project IKS ( and Aloha Editor will be the base for the semantic Editor. The first implementation session will start on 25 July in Helsinki. Please contact the Project Manager Wernher Behrendt for reference.
Aloha prerelease has bee tried out by the core developers of typo3 on the Typo3 developer days in Elmshorn and they succeeded to integrate it within a few hours into the new typo3 phoenix and sended as a video (in german). Please feel free to contact one of the developers,, for reference.
I hope we can contribute to open source and we get some help on integrating Aloha Editor into drupal!
Thank you.

Can't find much else about

7. July 2010 - 22:24

Can't find much else about this mystical editor on the web so very intrigued about it now!

Hi Mike, we will release on

9. July 2010 - 9:57

Hi Mike,

we will release on July 15th the first beta. Yesterday we started setting up the github repository, created a website, some demos and wrote first docs.

I hope I can show a drupal prototype implementation on end of August if the session is voted and selected.

Follow me on if you want updates on Aloha Editor.

shoudnt this be placed under

8. July 2010 - 15:17

shoudnt this be placed under the configuration track?

Hi mortendk, I was not sure

9. July 2010 - 10:00

Hi mortendk,

I was not sure about the track. The Aloha Editor is much about usability. This is why I chose this track.

br haymo

alright yup its always a

9. July 2010 - 12:08

alright yup its always a hassle to pinpoint stuff into the right boxes, everything kinda overlaps eachother in some way

Rene did a first step

13. August 2010 - 14:34

Rene did a first step integration of Aloha Editor into drupal. Looks promising.

A first live demo of the

15. August 2010 - 17:59

A first live demo of the module is online. I'm going to publish a Drupal 7 module while DrupalCon --