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Drupal Business Lessons From Science Fiction

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Drupal Business Lessons From Science Fiction

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Can watching “Star Trek” help make you a better businessperson? Find out in this multimedia presentation, which focuses on some of the lessons I’ve learned about running a Drupal-oriented Web development business using examples from science fiction.

Drawing upon nearly 14 years of experience as the founder and owner of, as well as a misbegotten youth spent absorbing science fiction novels, films, television shows, and comic books, I’ll talk about best practices for starting and running a Web development business, managing clients and employees, promoting your work, and interacting with the Drupal community.

Whether you’re someone hoping to grow your own Drupal business, someone who wants to understand how Web development shops work their magic, or just a big science fiction geek, this is the session for you.


I saw the draft version of

7. July 2010 - 17:14

I saw the draft version of this session at DrupalCamp Chicago in June. It's way better and way geekier than you expect. Highly recommended.