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Drupal in the Corporate Eco-System

case study
Drupal for Business

Drupal in the Corporate Eco-System

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



project management | Drupal | Interoperability | business | Case Study | Corporate | systems analysis | business analysis

Over the past two years the Drupal user base has grown to include large corporations. This talk presents experiences learnt from various projects introducing Drupal and Open Source Technologies into corporations with pre-existing environments. This discussion will be aimed at:

  • Those considering Drupal (including Business Managers, Project Managers, Decision Makers or New Businesses)
  • Freelancers and Development Houses wanting to take drupal into large corporations
  • Drupal Developers living in corporate land, wanting to share experiences
  • Anyone interested in interoperability

Personal Experience:

Since 2008, my work has been assisting Australian Government and Corporations establish Drupal for in-house development. These projects always involve pre-existing websites in a propriety content management system and a heterogeneous Windows/Linux infrastructure.

About the Talk :

This talk shares the experience of assisting corporations with the introduction of Drupal; needed areas of attention for the upgrade process and some hard lessons learnt on the battle fields.

Agenda for Discussion:

  • Pilot Project – the need for a pilot project for proof of concept
  • Business Process – causing the least disturbance to current company teams and processes
  • Linux and Windows – mixed environment’s and the need for system interoperability
  • Open Source – what changes does a company need to make/consider when choosing open source technology and the advantages of community driven code
  • Drupal Champion – teaching, training and passing on knowledge