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Eurostars Project SCMS integrates (additional) Semantic Web Stack into Drupal

Overview of SCMS functionality in Drupal
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Eurostars Project SCMS integrates (additional) Semantic Web Stack into Drupal

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Staying on top of the mass of knowledge assets and the flood of news in the enterprise is critical but increasingly hard. In order to address this problem SCMS integrates semantics, knowledge discovery (KD) and collaborative curation.

Semantic Content and Knowledge Engineering (SCKE) techniques are rarely used within large enterprises and almost never in SMEs. Lightweight and adaptive SCKE methods are needed for semantics-driven applications to be useful in the SME setting. Bringing SCKE to SMEs demands (1) KD techniques for acquiring knowledge from legacy data in an automatic fashion and efficiently revealing emergent semantics, (2) methods of social semantic collaboration, intelligent knowledge retrieval and manipulation and (3) scalable knowledge stores and expressive query capabilities.

The aims of SCMS are (1) to integrate these building blocks within product grade software solutions based on the partners’ products as well as open source products (as Drupal beside others) and (2) to deploy these solutions in real-world use cases, as part of the business of the participants.

This session gives an overview of the SCMS project (objectices, partners, technologies), the used existing technologies and the new created innovative technologies of SCMS (social semantic collaboration, NLP, similarity mechanisms, etc) as well as the features & possibilities that come to Drupal by integrating the SCMS technology stack from several points of view (new ways of editing, technical development, business cases, real world scenarios, new advanced features).

Finally we present a concrete SCMS use case scenario: a dossier mash up for the energy sector - the Information Gateway for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: (

This session should be interesting for several target audiences: A) developers who are interested in combining Drupal technology with state-of-the-art semantic web & natural language processing technologies, B) project designer that are interested in new possibilities of knowledge management and news mining using Drupal as the core system and C) decision makers who are interested in the possibilities using the SCMS technology stack within Drupal to optimise and/or enable: knowledge management, news mining services, state-of-the-art media pages, market intelligence services, e-commerce etc.