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Martin Kaltenböck // punkt. netServices GmbH
d.o: kalte2707

Martin Kaltenböck, CMC is founder and managing director of punkt. netServices (, Vienna, Austria.
punkt. netServices is one of the leading providers in the conception and development of web-based software-tools and services for organisations, communities and networks in today’s Knowledge Society.
Martin Kaltenböck is responsible for conceptual design as well as for consulting & project management in complex information technology (ICT) projects. His focus lies on information & content management systems (CMS) as well as on enterprise 2.0 / social software solutions.
Since 2005 Martin is also co-founder and CFO of the Semantic Web Company Vienna (SWC –
He continuously leads & supports national and international Research & Development (R&D) projects.

Martin Kaltenböck
punkt. netServices GmbH