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The Federated Social Web and Drupal


Additional Presenters:  John Griffin James Walker



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The Federated Social Web and Drupal

Day:  Wednesday, 25. august 2010
Time:  16:00-17:00



The move towards decentralising social activity on the web is gaining ground with efforts such as Ostatus providing a common set of standards and concepts for people to debate and hopefully, eventually agree on.

Drupal - as one of the most popular and forward thinking CMSs should take front-stage in this effort. The aim of this meeting is to bring together people interested in the Federated Social Web and in technologies such as Activity Streams, Pubsubhubbub, Salmon and WebFinger and plan how to make Drupal a fully qualified member of the federated social web.

We will kick the session off with a very brief intro on what is the state of affairs with regards to the federated social web and Drupal, describe some of the work we have been doing - hope others will do the same and then have a discussion on how to move forward and connect the drops...


might there be a video of

14. September 2010 - 21:26

might there be a video of this coming? ta if possible!