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HEO - Human Engine Optimization: Conversion > Traffic

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HEO - Human Engine Optimization: Conversion > Traffic

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



SEO | Conversion | CRO | HEO | Site optimization

There's no purpose to site traffic if you cannot convert it into your end goal. Whether it be a purchase, phone call, or an ad click, HEO, also known as CRO, is the art of structuring, designing, and optimizing your site to convert your users. Take your SEO to the next level by adding HEO.

This session will cover the other side of the SEO coin, HEO and Conversions.
How to optimize your site for people, not robots.
Why we should spend more time focusing on conversion than traffic.

1) Defining HEO
2) SEO vs HEO
3) Where does HEO Go?
-HEO during Structure/design
-HEO in keywording & content
-HEO linking
4) Tools to help with Conversions
5) Modules to engage your users

This session does not cover SEO topics, but instead shows you where in the SEO process to add HEO.