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A love connection: Drupal & Ubuntu

Introducing Drupal

A love connection: Drupal & Ubuntu

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



varnish | pressflow | ubuntu | spreadubuntu | community | LoCo

With the incredible success of Ubuntu around the world, the LoCo project helps groups of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts to work together in regional teams to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu.

This session focuses on how the Ubuntu Community makes use of Drupal everywhere: From through most Local Community sites worldwide and to the Ubuntu Marketing site SpreadUbuntu, we use Drupal to spread the message of Open Source Freedom. And we want to share this know-how with everyone!

This session will focus on the history of Drupal within the Ubuntu community with a strong emphasis on the usage of Drupal and its integration to Ubuntu's collaboration platform Launchpad. We will showcase Drupal usage from, the LoCo Ubuntu-Drupal project on several community sites, the SpreadUbuntu project, and many more.

Drupal has been used by our community since version 4 through 6 and now we are experimenting with PressFlow/Drupal 7 and Varnish for web acceleration in the biggest sites of the community. And it's all running on Ubuntu!

This great Content Management Framework has made our lifes easier, but it has also given us challenges along the way. We will present these under this session and show how we have solved them over time. We will also talk about how new Drupal features have helped us redefine and improve the way we do things.