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Varnish HTTP cache server - by Poul-Henning Kamp

Poul-Henning Kamp 4 July 2010
Type:  Session in official program

Varnish is a very fast HTTP cache server, which is to your Drupal what a big rotation press is to a newspapers DTP system.

Want to deliver thousands of pages per second with very low responsetime ? Varnish is your tool for that.

And Facebooks, and BBCs, and SlashDots, and ...

In this talk the author of Varnish will show off his warez, lift the hood and make you think about servers and content delivery in an entirely new way.

Accelerate your web sites with Varnish

Thomas Barregren 4 July 2010
Type:  Not planned session

Learn how to install, configure and monitoring Varnish Cache - an increasingly popular reverse proxy cache that accelerates content-heavy dynamic web sites.

Varnish is a reverse proxy cache. It accelerate your web site by caching responses from your web server and thereby offloading Drupal. Varnish is a modern solution outperforming its competing products by as much as twenty times. That is the reason for its increasing popularity as web accelerator.


This session is for anyone who is not afraid to manage Linux servers, but who has not yet looked into Varnish.

What you will learn

In this session you will learn:

  • What Varnish is.
  • When to use Varnish.

A love connection: Drupal & Ubuntu

Rubén Romero 19 June 2010
Type:  Not planned session

Learn how the Ubuntu Community and its ecosystem connect and spread their love for Free and Open Source Software using just that, Drupal and Ubuntu. It's everywhere:, LoCo sites, SpreadUbuntu, and many others.

With the incredible success of Ubuntu around the world, the LoCo project helps groups of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts to work together in regional teams to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu.

This session focuses on how the Ubuntu Community makes use of Drupal everywhere: From through most Local Community sites worldwide and to the Ubuntu Marketing site SpreadUbuntu, we use Drupal to spread the message of Open Source Freedom. And we want to share this know-how with everyone!

Make performance a non-issue with Varnish

perbu 19 June 2010
Type:  Not planned session

Instead of focusing all your energy on tuning Drupal, PHP and MySQL you can easily just add coating of Varnish on Drupal and you'll have solved your problems forever.

Varnish Cache is a web accelerator, also known as a caching reverse proxy or a HTTP accelerator.

This talk focuses on what Varnish does, how Varnish achieves its performance levels, its architecture and future development. Experiences from applying Varnish to (a trac site) and (Drupal 6 Pressflow) is presented.