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Communicating Drupal visually

Heather James 16 June 2010
Type:  Session in official program

Calling all Drupal artists! This is a hands-on workshop. We'll review guidelines for designing visuals for learning. Then we'll create visual representations of fundamental concepts of Drupal.

Session goal: The goal of this session is to create informative visuals to assist in Drupal adoption.

Introduction: There is a presentation renaissance happening, and people are leaving the old tired bullet points behind. But there is a lack of useful visuals for Drupal. If you write documentation for your modules; if you present proposals to potential clients; if you deliver training, you find you need compelling visuals for your ideas.

Additional Presenters:  Stella Power

Scaling your Drupal Application, Data and Business with Microsoft Windows Azure

Type:  Not planned session

Run Mission critical drupal Application on Microsoft's new cloud computing Platform Windows Azure.
Come learn about Microsoft’s new investments in PHP interoperability, and how this benefits the Drupal community. You can grow your Drupal app onto Azure - Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform

There are multiple ways to scale your Drupal application and business with cloud computing. The first is being able to horizontally scaling your computing power. The second is being able to leverage the scale that you can get with cloud based data services and content delivery networks (CDN). Imagine taking advantage of all of that on a platform that can place your application in front of hundreds of thousands of potential new customers…

Blaming the unknown - constructive approach to technology

Giuseppe Maxia 14 June 2010
Type:  Not planned session

Did something go wrong with your coding recently? And where did you put the blame when that happened? If you missed the target, you may want to learn what Mozart, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and Java have in common.

If you don't know them, they will hurt you. No matter how expert you are, there are holes in your knowledge, and when things go wrong you usually blame what you know the least. So the culprit could be that database, the regular expression engine, the XML parser, the thread engine. What if the problem is between the chair and the keyboard instead?
This talk will give you some general insight on the art of software development, encouraging users to rant less and improve their own practice.