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Scaling your Drupal Application, Data and Business with Microsoft Windows Azure

Vijay Rajagopalan
Configuration, Set-Up & Performance

Scaling your Drupal Application, Data and Business with Microsoft Windows Azure

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



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There are multiple ways to scale your Drupal application and business with cloud computing. The first is being able to horizontally scaling your computing power. The second is being able to leverage the scale that you can get with cloud based data services and content delivery networks (CDN). Imagine taking advantage of all of that on a platform that can place your application in front of hundreds of thousands of potential new customers…
Come learn about what it takes to run your Drupal application on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Windows Azure to horizontally scale your application’s computing and/or your Drupal application’s data on the Windows Azure Data Storage and the Windows Azure CDN. This includes secure connectivity & data service techniques in the cloud using oData and Microsoft SQL Azure and leverage other cloud Services from Microsoft. And as your application scales, you can also scale business through great partner programs such as Microsoft WebsiteSpark and Microsoft PinPoint which will not only give you the tools you need but put your business and data for sale in front of many potential customers.


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