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Taking Your Drupal Business To The Next Level

Providing Professional Drupal Services



Providing Professional Drupal Services



Taking Your Drupal Business To The Next Level

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



business | owners | success | marketing | branding

The founder’s ability to keep all the balls in the air is key to growth for many businesses but it’s not a good strategy for long-term success. This session discusses the 5 key components that every successful business must have: Processes, Recruiting, Sales, Finances, and Synergy. This non-technical session is designed primarily for entrepreneurs, owners & managers. Ben gives his insights into building and running a successful Drupal business.

Ben covers:
+Branding and positioning your business in the Drupal community
+Making Sales and marketing easy(er)
+Designing and building a positive company culture
+Recruiting the right team, then getting everyone on the bus and in the right seat
+Creating and executing processes that unleash and empower your team’s creativity.
+Planning for profit – it’s not about hourly vs. project billing!

If you’re a Drupal business owner who wants more out of work and life then don’t miss this session. You’ll walk away challenged to make core changes in the way you do business that will take your company from surviving to thriving – even in a down economy.