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What you need to know about User Data Protection in the EU

Whose Data?
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What you need to know about User Data Protection in the EU

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



As more of our lives move online, a struggle is being waged behind the scenes over who owns our digital identity, our community and the digital trail we leave behind. From our medical records, to search history, from Facebook, to Google Streetview, web firms now hold tremendous amounts of data of varying value about their users and the public at large. What are the responsibilities of these entities in handling this data?

Significant differences exist between US and EU cultural and legal approaches to Data Protection and usage. From government investigations of Google Streetview to the policy pages one finds on German websites, signs of these differences turn up everywhere.

How can you navigate the minefield and realize the benefits of users trusting you with their data? What do you as web site owners, developers and web surfers need to know, and where can you turn to learn more?

We will move from the theoretical to the practical, covering:
* What do we mean by data protection?
* Differences in philosophy and law between the US and Europe, with Germany as an example
* Threats, Opportunities and Best Practices
* Finding the right balance for the size and audience of your site
* Drupal modules and tips
* Where to find out more

Ryan Barolet-Fogarty has been building drupal websites for political action and organizing since 2005. He works at wegewerk campaign agency in Berlin.

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Great topic, nice to see this

10. July 2010 - 15:56

Great topic, nice to see this in a DrupalCon