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Berlingske Media

26 July 2010

Berlingske Media is established in 1749 and is the largest news
publishing group in Denmark.

We publish 62 print media titles and operates 75 web sites with a
total of 6 million unique users (unique cookies), that generates more
than 30 million visits, and about 175 million page views per month.

In 2009 we started a migration of the digital portfolio to Drupal. The
migration is currently half-way, and the current platform is among the
largest Drupal installations in the world.

The digital development department at Berlingske Media is both doing
application management on all existing sites, and developing new sites
and functions. Developers is located in both Denmark and Ukraine and
the work method is scrum.

If you want to know more about our installation, then please come and
listen to our system arcitects on the session drupal making news"

To learn more about Berlingske Media please visit: