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Michael Haggerty // Trellon, LLC
d.o: techsoldaten

Michael is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Internet Strategist for Trellon, LLC. Michael's work with Trellon has been focused on the non-profit, academic and socially responsible business sectors, with a specific emphasis on environmental, social justice and open source issues. He has a passion for interoperability and deploying Drupal in high performance environments. Recently, he helped scale the Earth Day web site to handle over 80 million page requests in a 48 hour period.

Michael possesses dual degrees in English and Philosophy from Washington College in Chestertown Maryland. He co-founded Trellon in the midst of a presidential campaign in 2003 and is actively involved in U.S. political affairs. Beyond his professional and political interests, he is involved in numerous open source communities, a member of the cloud security alliance, and is the author of the upcoming O'Reilly book "l(): The Definitive Guide."

Michael Haggerty
Trellon, LLC
United States