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Vadym Myrgorod // Trellon, LLC
d.o: dealancer

I am Drupal developer located in Donetsk, Ukraine. I have more then 5 years experience in PHP and more then 2 years experience in Drupal. I'm also good in Algorithms, Java and in Math. I have made contributions of code to open source projects like

I've studied in Donetsk National Technical University and have MBA diploma in Computer Science. Subject of my scientific research was Content Management System. I have won several awards in semi-finals of All-Ukrainian programming contests. And I am a member of the Association for Computing Machinery since February 2010. Currently I'm working in Trellon, LLC. I'm also working on my PHD dissertation in DonNTU.

My hobbies are mounting bike, YoYo, skying and camping. I like to play guitar and make stereo photos. I listen to Classical Music, Jazz and Alternative. My favorite bands are De Phazz, Coldplay, Apple Tea etc.

Vadim Mirgorod
Trellon, LLC