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Jacob Singh // Acquia
d.o: JacobSingh

Jacob Singh is a Principal Engineer with Acquia building the DrupalGardens (hosted Drupal 7) service. Previously he founded the search line of business at Acquia leading to the Acquia Search product. Before that, we was a tech lead at CivicActions LLC for two years culminating in leading the team which re-built the web presence of Amnesty International (

Son of a programmer, he's been geeking out since BBS days (oh noes!) but tries to balance it out by a healthy dose of basketball, family time, traveling, guitar and writing. He also has been known to volunteer at prison literacy projects, teach high school history to homeless kids, go on dharma walks and enjoy an old scotch (and then another). Recently back in the US after a 3 years stint in New Delhi, he is fluent in English and Hindi and once knew Spanish pretty well too.

Jacob Singh
United States