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Ashley Jones // ATD Travel Services
d.o: ratbagash

I am 10 months in to being full time on Drupal websites

Currently I'm looking after 8 drupal sites with a 9th as a backoffice all in Drupal 4.7

I am currently developing a brand new system in Drupal 6 using Domain Access to have 1 code base and ubercart for our ecommerce. The site will also me Multilinguale.

Content, CSS, HTML, Design, UI, and UX are where I am happiest. Having spent the last 10 years jumping around web technologies writing backend Java and enterprise ASP via content in MySql, MS SQL and PrimeBase to building the front end of websites compliant to W3C, HTML and CSS standards, I have finally found my place in the world wide web. I love being able to bridge the gap between developers and designers to fulfill a website that user want and use.

ATD Travel Services
United Kingdom