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Sami Keskinen // Androidi Oy
d.o: androidi

I stumbled on Drupal on june 2010, at the same time when I put up my own company, focusing on web-development, web-systems and integrations.
I've been a professional software developer since 2001 @ PRESENTOR (, focusing mainly on the Adobe-platforms, but also built about a dozen web-projects utilizing Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL/SQLite/MySQL.
Drupal was a real found, because I had some foolish-brave plans on creating my own web-CMS, pulling previous experience from a non-web presentation CMS I've built and maintained since 2003, using mainly Adobe Flash/Director.

On the development side I prefer "visual developing" over blind hard-core hacking, maybe because I've worked so vastly with Flash/Director. On the other hand, I've also made some hardcore C++ pointer shit, e.g. as my student alter-ego I've been at a C++ course team of three university students, building a real-time 3D turn-based Space Hulk-a-like game, spiced with A* navigation algorithm, Ogre 3D engine, Expat XML config systems, etc. etc. Yes, it was way over course requirements - BUT it was fun, and it was finished on time and had no memory leaks, etc. :P

Currently I'm looking for global connections on the Drupal community, for creating web-implementations on sites that need a little more than just those basic company/contact info and references pages; so it's more like e-commerce, SQL- or some API-integrations to warehousing systems, SAP/OCI, etc.

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Androidi Oy