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Jim Caruso // MediaFirst
d.o: jimcaruso

Guy from Earth. Global technology evangelist. Creator of opportunities and customers. Writer, deal-maker, engineer, speaker, and enabler of multi-cultural, multi-national teams. Early adopter. Dangerously technical. Interested in semantic Web, social media, blogging, Drupal & CMS/blog engines, quality, and everything tech. Enjoy speedy, W3C-complaint Web sites. Proponent of the Open Web, and Internet Freedom, transparency, and liberty. Advocate for good.

MediaFirst creates awareness for technology firms in their niche. The media trust us to deliver clients for interviews that address current industry trends and issues. We demonstrate how your firm is firing on all cylinders with compelling value propositions, impressive management, large markets, and the ability to execute. Our tactics expand audiences, generate leads, attract investors, and solidify success. Select Media First while looking toward growth, funding, IPO, acquisition and exit.

Jim Caruso
United States