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Bike touring around Denmark

15 June 2010

My wife and I would like to do about a week's bike tour (lightly loaded) in Denmark after the conference. We'd like to rent a bike and stay either at hostels or private homes (through Drupal site

* Where do you recommend that we spend a week bike touring that time of year?
* Suggestions about how to rent bikes (or maybe a tandem)
* Any other suggestions about bike touring

Thanks for any and all help!

(Nancy and I rode from the Arctic to Argentina 2006-2008,

Note: This should probably go in a new forum topic, perhaps "before and after the conference" or something.

You've come to the right place...

16. June 2010 - 9:50

What a great idea. Denmark is the perfect place for a bike holiday.

1) There are a lot of places. Do you want it to be hilly? or flat? (Denmark is mostly flat) - How far would you like to go? And do you want towns or just countryside?

2) Take a look at this page:

3) Try this one:

Post your ideas about what you want to do. And I'll try to give you a recommendation.


Great maps to buy

16. June 2010 - 11:13

A good idea is probably to stay on Sealand... so you can make it back to Copenhagen in time for your flight :)

I can recommend the books from Danish Cycling Association. They are available in english.
If you need any help getting your fingers on these let us know.

About renting a bike, I have sent a message to a client who can probably point me in the right direction about the best place. I will do a follow up post


18. June 2010 - 17:59

Oh my gosh! I'm hearing about this (bike holidays) for the first time. How were able to bike from Arctic to Argentina? I don't even have patience to travel so long in a car. I appreciate you. This is amazing!