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18 August 2010

To all Drupalists, please tell your wives, girlfriends or boyfriends to join the Drupalgangers group so that we can form a Gängers' community and undertake something together, like sightseeing, biking, sailing and so would be nice if we could make a small plan in advance.

Drupalgängers can either join the group

or follow

Can't waiiit,,just 4 days left :)))

Drupalgangers without smartphones unite!

19. August 2010 - 11:47

I think my partner's up for something Drupalgangerish, although she doesn't have a smartphone and so will be a bit lost while over there.

I'll try and keep up with @drupalgangers myself, but please do make lots of noise about whatever you decide to do, so I can spot it and pass it on to her! If there's a physical noticeboard at Bella Center then something up on that would be ace.

Party at 8pm!

23. August 2010 - 15:00

There will be a Drupal party every night in the next 4 days at 8 pm at the fooBar. Since the Gangers don't have a name badge, we have to make a list with Gangers' names for the entrance. Please write here or send me an email with your name to make the list.

my email:

address of fooBAR:

The Australian Bar
Vestergade 10kld.