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Guess the number of DC Copenhagen Attendees

4 August 2010

O.K., the price is right...
Let's put bets on the number of attendees. Talking to Morten today it is rather not going to happen that the venue sells out. It can scale up way beyond our needs.

We can figure out a price for the winner later.
I guess at the moment we have about 800 attendees.

I start my bet and say we gonna have 1100 in the end. Am willing to place the value of 10 Euros on it :)


17. August 2010 - 23:00


I bet 10 on 1110 ;)

see you there to pick up my prize :)

So its only the two of us...

29. August 2010 - 2:37

So its only the two of us... ;)

They were ~1200 so my bet was nearer to yours :)

So when we meet you have to buy me some awesomesauce ;)

Greetings from Vienna,