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25 May 2010


I think there need to be a help-desk to resolve urgent issues. Or there should be contact addresses to reach correct person to resolve your problems. There also shold be conference organization details. For example I need an confirmation and get a signed form urgently to join conference, but couldn't get any response.
Perhaps there will be so many people who need quick help and guides like me.

Use the support-button

25. May 2010 - 15:00


You can use the pink support-button which is a helpdesk.

:-) Bo

I've used allready

25. May 2010 - 15:37

I've used it already, but there is no way to get urgent responses. If there were been a categorized contact addresses responses will be more fast and correct.

To get a usable respond you

26. May 2010 - 11:08

To get a usable respond you still need a human on the other end to read and understand the request + get the right answer back to the sender.

Were right now having 2 people "full free time" on the support / help desk, but please respect that not everything can be responded to in ten seconds. We don't wanna send responses back that don't make sense, or is clashing with other decisions that have been made before.

Were are striving for a respond in the area of 24 hours. thats not so bad is it?

Have no time

26. May 2010 - 13:19

Your explaining is for general situations. But If I can't a proper response I won't be able to join the conference. Because of time limitation. Before summer somebody need to get some formality such as invitation etc.

We’re all volunteers

26. May 2010 - 16:09

And we have no paid staff, so we’re not able to have people standing by around the clock to answer your e-mails. We have two people spending most of their free time replying to e-mails, and we try to answer everything within 24 hours.

That is all we can currently offer. Thank you for your cooperation.


27. May 2010 - 7:47

"#30 invitation for conference" (Submitted 3 days ago)
"#32 Signing an approval form" (Submitted 2 days ago)
two issues for a day

Quick response

27. May 2010 - 14:24

I used the support system and was answered within a few hours. Very impressed when done by volunteers and they even had the pleasure to confirm I was being a pain in the ass! :)

I can only think that you had more difficult queries that couldn't be answered straight away. Or maybe the urgency was not explained in the e-mail? If we have to have full time employee then we add another full time wage onto the bill and the ticket price goes up more. We're very lucky to have committed volunteers that help keep this cost down!


27. May 2010 - 14:54

Hi adshill,
thanks for your message. I've opened two issue but couldn't get any response even I've explained urgency.
What a pity, I won't be able to join the conference because of my issues.

My institution was required a form to approve my join. It's not possible with this performance of the support. Our university one of the few Drupal user of Turkey and we are on process to develop so many sites on Drupal. I mean It was very important for me.


28. May 2010 - 11:35

While we do our best to answer support requests in a timely manner, please be aware that requests involving paperwork are bound to taker longer time to process.

Filling out forms in weird document formats and sending faxes back and forth simply takes more time.


8. June 2010 - 2:49


I have post some support request via the pink button since Friday but no reply yet... Can understand that you are busy but have to book some tickets :)