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VAT-less EU invoice

19 April 2010

Is it possible to have a VAT-less EU invoice when ordering as an EU company (outside of Denmark) or is the VAT always added?

As far as I know, but I'm not

20. April 2010 - 12:13

As far as I know, but I'm not a tax consultant (a million miles from being so tbh) it's normal for it to be added at the point of delivery no matter, even if you are vat registered elsewhere in the EU. It would be much easier if it was not so though! Because it can be reclaimed, but only with pain. For a start you must have a proper invoice with VAT numbers, company details and all that jazz. I also think this can now (since the beginning of the year or so) with the implementation of the directive 2008/8 be reclaimed via your tax office. That rather than what happened before which was you had to claim from the country of delivery's tax office (in their language, on their form).

However if anyone works for a nice big company that has friendly accountants who can tell us struggling folk how this actually works I would be delighted too.

Reclaim will be possible

21. April 2010 - 9:11

Drupal Association and accountants are working on providing proper VAT refundable invoices. So reclaiming VAT will be no problem.

In a word, no.

20. April 2010 - 17:34

According to the accountants consulted by the Drupal Association, we are required to charge VAT on all tickets, no matter where the person using them lives, because the goods paid for (ie. the conference) is delivered in Denmark.

A special exception is Belgians, who get to pay 21% VAT instead for reasons I’m not quite clear on.

What a lovely mess

21. April 2010 - 18:21

Hi In Spain we have a 16% VAT

21. April 2010 - 19:34

In Spain we have a 16% VAT should I ask for a refund or something similar?
Another question, I need an invoice with my identification number on it (NIF in Spain), how can I get this?


Spanish VAT does not apply

25. April 2010 - 2:17

Within EU you pay VAT in the sellers country, not the buyers.

Only if the buyer is a company, and have a VAT-number, you are able to get a refund for VAT.


Thanks for the answer marcus,

25. April 2010 - 20:48

Thanks for the answer marcus, but I still need a invoice with my fiscal number in it, how can I get it?

I'm sure you can...

25. April 2010 - 23:21 I got one in perfect order after DrupalCon Paris.

But I leave it to the DrupalCon Team to say when/how you get it.

As you already know the printable invoice under "Orders" is not a correct one, I wonder why... since all the information that should get on the invoice is known.


thanx for lettings us know

26. April 2010 - 0:35

Well get that in order asap.
So expect it later this week


Any updates on this? thanks!

15. May 2010 - 16:49

Any updates on this?

The invoices you can print

20. May 2010 - 10:52

The invoices you can print from your account now contain the offical Drupal Association address and the Danish VAT number used for the conference.

And to help the new and improved refund rules

20. May 2010 - 11:29

And to help the new and improved refund rules to confuse make you go a bit cross-eyed

Information required...

20. May 2010 - 17:28

Looking at Directive 2008/9/EC claim (and hence I guess the invoice should it be controlled) needs:-

'date and [invoice] number' and the 'taxable amount and amount of VAT expressed in the currency of the Member State of refund;'


Thanks ekes, but I'd still

3. June 2010 - 23:15

Thanks ekes, but I'd still need an invoice with MY fiscal number of it, so I can use it as a expense in Spain.