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Informal / breakout / round-table sessions

10 June 2010

At Drupalcon Paris there were two sponsored rooms "intentionally left empty", that people could book informally using a whiteboard down in the foyer. I think this worked really well, and meant that there was plenty of slack for people to organize things they felt were necessary at the time, but couldn't be planned beforehand: tutorials, specialist discussions etc.

Will something like this be available at DC CPH, outside of the unconference day? What do other people think? Are informal spaces a good use of the conference venue? Is there a risk that groups will feel disenfranchised if they can't have these spontaneous meetings?

(I'd really like to facilitate - not exclusively run - an interactive session for Drupalistas working in or for the NGO sector at DC CPH. I don't really want to book a session and end up with the expectation that I'm meant to give a talk: I don't think that will help the people - like me - I want to help.)


10. June 2010 - 17:13

Hey J.P.

We will provide plenty of space for the so called BoF's (a.k.a. Birds of a Feather) - When you arrive, suggest a BoF for NGO's as soon as possible, so people will be able to fit it in their conference schedule.



11. June 2010 - 15:44

That's the phrase I was looking for. Brill, thanks.