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Invitation letter. Conference contacts

9 July 2010

Dear сolleagues,
My name is Evgeniy. I'm from Kiev, Ukraine.
I would like to visit DrupalCon. To get a visa I need to provide the invitation letter from the conference to Danish Embassy in my country.
I sent the questions regarding invitation letter to conference support team several days ago using contact form of this website. Still no answer. Does anyone know the contact phone number of the conference support team? Thank you!

Any succsess with that?

31. July 2010 - 11:29

Hi, I'm from Ukraine too. I have requested to get an invitation letter today. I'm going to apply for a VISA and I also need an invitation letter. Have you already received an invitation letter? How much did it take? I heard that the Danish VISA center in Kiev needs the original of the document, is that true? Have you get a VISA already? Did you get VISA because you attending scientific/cultural activity (