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More payment options, please!

28 April 2010

I tried to book my ticket but couldn't, due to your Ogone implementation that only accepts Visa and Mastercard. Why can't I pay with Paypal, or Amex? Or, for godsake, just a simple Bank Transfer would do.

I contacted you using the contact form, no reply. Via twitter, no reply. Let's see if this works..

Please make it easy for people to book a ticket.

Payment methods

2. May 2010 - 20:58

Hello Baris,

We wrote the following on Twitter the 21st of April:

Payment: we are accepting VISA (not Electron) and MasterCard. PayPal would cost us a big fee per ticket - approx EUR 8-10..... furthermore is PayPal also a more administrative burden, which cost serious headache in Paris last year.......but we are discussing with Drupal Association if we could offer bank transfer or other methods. More info will follow later.

As written on Twitter is PayPal not an option, simply because of the big fee per ticket and the administrative burdens. There is also a risk that PayPal will lock the money in 60-90 days!

Bank Transfer is a really time consuming method. In SF did they use more than 30 hours in handling bank transfers / purchase orders, and many of the people requesting this never transfered the money . Neither DA or the DrupalCon CPH team have the time to handle this.

We are working together with DA to get support for VISA Electron and maybe also for American Express cards in the oGone gateway.

Jens Beltofte
DrupalCon Copenhagen.

No excuse

7. May 2010 - 8:28

Hi Jens,

thanks for your reply. However, I don't think your reasons are valid. If Paypal is more expensive, why not let users who want to pay with Paypal pay a bit more? Leave that choice up to them.

American Express is still big in the US, if you want people to attend from the states you SHOULD accept AMEX.

I finally got my ticket by using the VISA from a friend.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that not all attendees have VISA or MasterCard.

Jens is correct

12. May 2010 - 5:40

Every additional payment method costs us in time and money. This works differently in Europe than it does in North America. There, one payment processor handles any card you want to accept. There are differences in fees, but those are manageable. Here, there is a different division and parts of the transaction are processed by different companies. The net result is that we pay substantial setup fees and spend considerable time for each card we take.

That said, I will share your concern with the finance team.



12. May 2010 - 20:11

We are trying to add American Express. Because the European CC gateway doe not also do processing, we need to set this up with Amex and they seem to be on perpetual vacation.

We are supposed to be able to accept Visa Electron, and are trying to find out why this isn't happening.

Bank transfers

19. May 2010 - 7:40

"but we are discussing with Drupal Association if we could offer bank transfer or other methods. More info will follow later.".

How does status of supporting bank transfers as payment method look like now?

It has been discussed but the

20. May 2010 - 10:48

It has been discussed but the decision is that bank transfers and purchase orders will not be supported. They SF people lost many hours handling this, and neither DA or the CPH team has the resources to handle this.

American Express should work now though.

Visa electron

6. June 2010 - 21:12


How does status of visa electron as payment methods looks like now?

I'll transfer my ticket by whatever means you want

27. June 2010 - 6:21

If anyone is unable to buy a ticket with the current methods, I'm looking to transfer (sell) my ticket, and you can pay me by any method you want (you would also be helping me out!). And the ticket will be at the early bird price. Please contact me through my contact form: