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Registration failure ("order not completed")

25 June 2010

After entering my credit card details at Ogone, I was redirected to the drupalcon site and saw the following error:

"Ogone returned an error for your payment. Your order is not completed. Please try again or contact us."

My credit card has the transaction as "authorized but not bill". The credit card was a bit "full" so I cleared it, and the payment should pass through properly.

What is odd is that the order is marked as completed in my order history, but there is no trace of the usual "payment received" that ubercart usually adds in the details of the bill.

I have heard other people suffered from the same problem... what's the solution?

I also submitted a request through the contact form.

Thanks for the feedback,


Same problem, same credit

25. June 2010 - 23:26

Same problem, same credit card

Thanks for the bug reports.

26. June 2010 - 11:43

Thanks for the bug reports. We are investigating the problem. I can confirm that both of you are registered correct on the website.