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My first DrupalCon so I have a couple of questions

2 August 2010

Sorry if this already is explained on the site but I couldn't find the info.

  1. If people are not buying training then there will not be any info this day and no need to be there?

  2. On the program I can see for instance - Aud 10 (310) Propeople - does this mean that Propeole have supported this room and can there be 310 people at this sessions?

  3. There are keynotes speekers on every of the three days and the block is for 3 rroms - does this mean that the 3 rooms are joined so that there can be 310x3 people for these sessions?

  4. The first day there is - 09:00 - 09.50 Welcome to Drupal(Con) Aud 10 (310) - but there can only be 310 persons here and maybe one have choosed another session?

Really looking forward to see you all and hopefully learn a lot. Just wished there were someone telling about my suggesion mentioned here


As for the unconference day,

2. August 2010 - 23:57

As for the unconference day, there will be both unconference sessions, which are not pre-scheduled, and paid training.

The unconference sessions will be planned on the day, so whoever shows up that want to talk about something will have opportunity to pitch their proposal, and the most popular ones will be held.

As for the trainings, it will only be open to those who have paid for it.

As for the room names, “Aud 10 (310) Propeople”, means the room that Bella Center calls Aud 10 will hold up to 310 people and is named for one of the sponsors, in this case Propeople. In the final program, it will just be called Propeople.

And yes, the three auditoriums are merged to one room for the keynote sessions, so they should hold about a thousand people.

The welcome-session you are referring to is not the official welcome-ceremony, just a session for newcomers into the community, so we think room for 310 should be adequate.

Thanks for your reply. Have

13. August 2010 - 6:03

Thanks for your reply. Have tried contacting you private but didn't get any answer so will post it here instead.

I have made bulleted list with numbers in front of the sections but here they were deleted. Are you aware of this? And
a lot of your links in the top/right are linking to - Is this a mistake or is it it is deliberate?

I also thanked you and the team to make this great DrupalCon and know you are struggling and don't have so much time to respond private mails and so and I understand. :-)

Twitter banner is the problem

18. August 2010 - 8:10

The problem with the links is when you see the site in 1024x768 as I do - THEN the twitter banner are the problem.

Yes, I spotted that - if you

18. August 2010 - 16:01

Yes, I spotted that - if you view a browser at 1024 pixels wide, the Twitter ribbon sits over all the account links.

Can we have that Twitter ribbon e.g. in the left-hand navigation, below the menu?