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Prepaid SIM with data

3 August 2010

must... stay... connected...

hopefully I won't really need it, but I was wondering what the options are in Denmark as far as prepaid SIM cards with data transfer or something similar that would allow me to get my interwebs fix wherever I am in the city, even if the speeds sorta suck.

kind regards!

must have interwebs!

3. August 2010 - 23:31

So you dont trust the internets at the venue ;)

Are you looking for a 3g Thingie for you labtop or is it for the phone.

I kinda dropped the whole thing on my iPhone to get cheaper local transfer, cause the idea of changing number for a week is kinda a nogo,

My phoneBill when i was at drupalconSF kinda burned a biiig whole in my pocket (3€ / mb ... WTF!) but at least this time mine will be cheap ;)

phone plz, my laptop doesn't

4. August 2010 - 0:17

phone plz, my laptop doesn't take SIM cards :P (I can just tether if I want)
it's not that I have doubts about the intarwebs at the venue, it's the hostel I have doubts about (and reviews to back it up) and for when I'm out and about (you told me to go ride a bike, didn't you? :P)
I was really glad when I found out I could just buy a $20 SIM card in SF, top it up with $5 and get 100mb for a month (my roaming charges are €9.5/mb, so don't you "WTF!" me :P)
I don't really care about changing numbers for a week, I'm not a rockstar, so nobody calls me anyway (q.q)

so I'm really just wondering what the options are, if they suck, so be it, I'll live :D

if you plan to visit other european country

4. August 2010 - 12:11 will offer its 3g network at the same price (almost) all over europe

7-eleven prepid cards

4. August 2010 - 13:37

At any 7-eleven you can buy a prepaid phone card, they have both the startup package where you get the sim card and a number and they have the fill up your existing sim card option.
Have no idea about the price level but there are numerous options available.

cool, thanks! too bad

4. August 2010 - 23:29

cool, thanks!

too bad doesn't have an english version and the google translation is kinda wonky, but I'll manage :)

Steven, if you still need

6. August 2010 - 10:21

Steven, if you still need info go check out this page:

thank you so much, that's

9. August 2010 - 15:16

thank you so much, that's really helpful!

but please, don't call me Steven ;)

I HIGHLY recommend going to a

18. August 2010 - 2:21

I HIGHLY recommend going to a Seven-Eleven and getting a Lebara prepaid SIM card. They are the cheapest ones (in my experience) and you have cheaper/free calling (I can't remember which) to other people with those SIM cards, so if we all get them, we'll be set.

Doesn't really cover data (but I just turned on data on my iPhone).

I'd love it if Lebara could be suggseted on the prepaid phone card page for the conference. :)