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Activism module in D7 BoF

26 July 2010

Trellon's been working on a release of the Activism module for Drupal 7, which will be a complete rewrite in many ways. This means we can get lots of cool new functionality going or possible within the architecture. I'm interested in getting a BoF together to talk about what sort of things people want to see in this module. How do activist organizations work and interact with their constituents in your experience? What functionality would help them succeed?

Activism brings many features and subjects together, so there's a wide range of possibility here. To get you started, here are some of the ideas that we're working with already. We'd love to branch this out, and get into some really cool functionality as a part of this module

  • CiviCRM - we're porting it to Drupal 7 as a part of this project. Interested? What Civi features do you think should integrate?

  • We want to make the Activism module support any CRM you care to use (Raiser's Edge, Salesforce etc)... or none. This means we're building some CRM features into Drupal itself! Anyone interested in a Drupal-based CRM? This would be a great basis for it.

  • We're making campaigns (calls to action) more modular, so it's easy to create and add new types of campaigns. That said, there are lots of basic calls to action which we're building as a core part of the module: petitions, letters to legislators, letters to the editor, etc. What kinds of Calls to Action do you think would be helpful? What campaigns do organizations run in your experience?

  • We want people to be able to target their Calls to Action in a lot of different ways. By role, by geographic or legislative region, etc. There's a lot of room for cool integration here - how would YOU like to target constituents? Maps? KML? Custom rulesets?

Obviously we'll go into more depth in the BoF, but what other features and functionality are you interested in?

I'm really excited to talk

6. August 2010 - 20:18

I'm really excited to talk activism at DrupalCon!

I have been coding activism tools (for project management) all summer as part of Google Summer of Code. More info here:

I plan on doing a separate BoF on my tools.

PS - Do we have to register our BoF?

Yay! BOF schedule

11. August 2010 - 1:50

We've been doing some similar work at Aten Design Group recently -- e.g. -- and would love to talk more about how others are approaching this kind of site.

We should get this on the BOF schedule soon to get as many interested people involved as possible:

Nice work

17. August 2010 - 23:46

Hey Scott. That's some very nice work. Just looking at the front page and poking around a bit, I know I'd like your input on the activism module. One of the exciting things we're looking forward to is geo integration, so we can do things like associate contacts by geographical region... or more visibly, display anything from a View on a totally customized OpenLayers map.

I hope to see you at our BoF on the subject ( ). I think we can build something really fantastic here!


17. August 2010 - 23:42

That sounds great! I've set up a BoF for us

Jeremy, Scott, I'd love it if you would come to this BoF. As great as your work looks, personally I'd like to do something implementation-neutral.... We're really starting from scratch with the Activism module for D7, and we want it to be a framework as much as it is a module. That is to say, we will provide ways for other CRMs, other report systems, and other activities to interface with the module. Jeremy, the framework I've been laying out doesn't specifically deal with project management and activism, but I can think of some very cool ways to make them dovetail.

Seems like there's some very cool collaborative work we could do here!