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What's my Drupal focus?

19 July 2010

What's my Drupal focus if I mainly do "Configuration, Setup & Performance"?

Or better could somebody make an additional category for all those people that take Drupal core and a whole bunch of great modules and make sites from them, without writing any additional code and happily leaving design and theming to others as well?

Focus? Do you mean conference track?

1. August 2010 - 18:43

All the relevant sessions are summarized under that very heading on the programme - it's a conference track - so check those out and they should give you an idea. Also, if you click through to a session then you can see its relevant tags, and clicking on those leads to other sessions in that tag which might be on a different track e.g. cloud computing.

Note that sessions which failed to make the cut also appear under the tags: you should look for "session in official program" to be sure.

focus on the profile

2. August 2010 - 11:19

No, I really mean the focus that I can choose for my profile. The options are " Curious - Decision Maker - Project Manager - Designer - Developer - Themer "

Where do I go there as somebody who mainly does the set up and configuration of sites? As somebody who's quite happy to pick lots of sessions from the "Configuration, Setup & Performance" track?

I think it depends on the

10. August 2010 - 22:32

I think it depends on the sort of sites you work on and the work environment you have, rather than the sort of talks you're after. That's not very helpful, sorry. But tick the things you do, rather than worrying about the talks you want to see: if you're a freelancer then probably everything except decision maker (your clients sort of do that) and developer, unless you're a PHP hack to boot.