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purchase order link broken

18 May 2010


I want to buy tickets through a purchase order, as I did in DCSF, which worked pretty well for our organisation as we still have to figure out who is going to go (even though we know how many we send already, we don't know quite who yet, go figure).

From this page:

There's a link named "purchase order" that points to that page:

... which, thanks to our magic menu system, points to the basic registration page. If I follow through there, I'm still registering just myself, which is not what I want.

I already mailed about it, no response... How do I make a purchase order?



The link should not have been

20. May 2010 - 10:51

The link should not have been there. I was a left over in the code from the SF conference website.

It has been discussed with DA, but the decision is that bank transfers and purchase orders will not be supported. They SF people lost many hours handling this, and neither DA or the CPH team has the resources to handle this.