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Rent a bike?

13 August 2010

Hi people

I always read Copenhagen is the bicycle friendliest city of the world and we'd love to rent bikes for the con. Any suggestions how to do this?



City Bike

13. August 2010 - 8:24

I did some search on my own ofc ;)

20DKK ~ 2,65 € and just use it for an unlimited time?

Bella Center is outside the Cycling Zone. The last station is still 2KM away.
So it's absolutely not okay to go there with a bike?

That's a shame: the bike zone

15. August 2010 - 18:49

That's a shame: the bike zone does appear to stop at the walls to the east and south of the centre. I guess you could try and cycle one outside that zone and see what happens. Maybe they clap you in irons in Rosenborg Castle.

It seems a shame that the free-bike zone is about 3km across, as it looks on that map. I eat 3km for breakfast. Some days even before I've had breakfast. Maybe there's alternatives we can look into when we're over there.

it's sad :-(

17. August 2010 - 13:35

I also thought, I will be able to ride a bicycle on conference... I do not want to start exploring Copenhagen from the Rosenborg Castle...

There are places to rent bikes :)

23. August 2010 - 0:52

I did some research and found some other methods of renting bikes. They are fairly cheap.

Baisikeli, Turesensgade 10, 1368 København K: 6 hours for 50 DKK, 24 hours for 60 DKK, you can rent bike bags and other equipment as well. You can find them at

Copenhagen Bicycle Exchange, Gothersgade 157, 1123 Copenhagen K: Don't know the prices but they rent, sell and buy bicycles.

Rent A Bike, found at two locations, Reventlowsgade 11, 1651 København V and Oslo Plads 9, 2100 København Ø: Do not know the prices here either, but they are supposed to be one of the biggest places to rent bikes.

About riding outside the biking zone, that rule is only for the city bike you can rent out on the street for 20 DKK. Renting a bike at the other places will allow you to go anywhere you want, and there are almost bike paths everywhere.

I hope you can use this information and hopefully be able to rent bikes :)


23. August 2010 - 8:26

I just picked up a bike from Baisikeli yesterday after the place had been recommended to me. They're a sound bunch and the price for 6 days was pretty good.