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Rent a

10 July 2010

hi, im looking for 3 other dutch guys/girls to rent a camper and park that one 2km from the conference (citycamp)
if you're intested in a budget stay/fun time at drupalcon, then contact me:
floris (at) m00i (dot) nl
thats mooi with zero's


hurry for the camper availibitiy and campsite places are limited.

estimated cost 800 euro + 10 ish euro per person per night makes 270 per person for the week, ex disel and taxes; be aware we have to split the 'borg' upto 1k too.

NB if anyone own a camper... that would be perfect


9. August 2010 - 14:02

Due to no reactions this plan is canceled.
So this topic can be deleted.