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[RESERVED]Possible housing for 1 person/couple

20 June 2010

The room is now reserved for a drupalcon participant. Hope you find something else :)


I live in Copenhagen and could probably have an attendee/couple/really close friends staying at my apartment. The thing is, it is quite small... so before I start negotiations with my wife (who would have to approve ;-), I'd like to know if there is any interest. We have an office kind of room, with a few squaremeters of free floor - you'd have to bring your own mattress (we might be able to arrange one, but no guarantees there).
You'd share a bathroom (toilet + shower) with us, and if you're broke I could hook you up with some breakfast...

Location is here:,...

Transportation to Bella Center (Drupalcon) is < 30 minutes - 1 busride (line 42 or 43) to Nørreport Station (~10 minutes) and 1 metroride to Bella Center (~10 minutes).

I'm considering participation myself - but between a fulltime job and an empty bankaccount it might not work out :-)

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