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Addison Berry on Denmark

add1sun about Denmark
10 June 2010

We are very happy to announce that the DrupalCon Copenhagen site will feature blog posts from Addison Berry (add1sun) — Lullabot, DrupalNinja and Drupal documentation lead.

Addison is spending the summer in Copenhagen and she will provide an interesting perspective on Copenhagen and Denmark from an outsider's point of view.

She has already made four posts. The first one Copenhagen journal begins corrects typical misunderstandings about Denmark.

The second post Is Copenhagen really that expensive? describes the fact that Copenhagen is not that expensive compared to other big cities.

The third post All the Danish you need to know Addison talks about language, and the fact the everybody in Denmark speaks English.

In the most recent post The 'hoods of Copenhagen she introduces you to the boroughs of Copenhagen.

Stay tuned for info on accommodation, food, stuff for kids and more.

Once again — welcome to Addison!

I'd be interested in

11. June 2010 - 20:47

I'd be interested in attending a presentation on this if you have time Addi. It'd be a nice break from all the totally-Drupal-focused sessions. :)

Am I a little dumb or is

11. June 2010 - 0:09

Am I a little dumb or is there no "blog" page I can bookmark? Sure I can use the RSS feed she mentions in her first post but where the hack are you burying this stuff on the page? The Url contains "voices" but there is no "voices" page..
A little guidance please. ; )

If you tried to follow the

11. June 2010 - 20:34

If you tried to follow the "Copenhagen journal begins" link from Drupal Planet page, you got a 404 because the path is missing the server fragment and this site isn't using Pathologic like all sites on the Planet should. :)